Mackenzie D. Knows

DJ - Emcee - Actor

Mackenzie D. Knows also known as Mickeydarko (formerly known as Bunzy-Mack The Lumberjack) is a Montreal based artist. In recording studios since 2001, Mackenzie has exhibited his art on renown stages such as Le Café Campus, Rialto Theatre, La Sala Rossa, Toronto's The Drake Hotel and Wreckroom. Making good use of a wide range of artistic diversity, Mack has worked in collaboration with some of Québec's finest french music producers, the Caribbeans' Psychosis, Australia's Bollywood producer Jaskurn Gosal, Festival Luminosité, Pop Montreal, The Canadian Music Week and many more. After years of  live and in-studio work, he then turned to the mixing decks as an additional form of  creative expression. As a DJ, Mackenzie brings the long catalogue of Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop and neatly curated Indie sounds, that both inspired and resonated with him. Now over five years in the mix, he now gravitates towards filming sets for casting opportunities to keep his, forever hungry, artistic curiosity filled. A multi-disciplined creator, Mackenzie D. Knows is for the ears, eyes and minds.





5’8 - 170 lbs 

Jacket: M (38-40) 

Waist: 32 


Brown eyes 


Age range: 27-40 




Special skills 


South American accent

Urban American accent

Text memorization 


Military drill 

Weapon handling 

Live music performance